Sniper XC

The Sniper is a ground-up, dedicated, hard pedalling machine available in two different travel models. The Sniper XC features 100mm front and rear while the Sniper Trail boasts 120mm.

Short travel rigs should descend like their long-travel siblings and that’s what we’ve done. This is no twitchy XC bike: with the 29” wheels and progressive XC/Trail geometry, you get a stable ride that goes where you point it.

Offered with a standard hardware package as well as a light weight SL package to shave some grams, the Sniper takes XC race and trail riding to the next level.

The Sniper is a trail/XC bike which offers confident, quick climbing and descending to match their longer-travel siblings. Available in an XC model with 100mm up front, or a Trail model with 120mm up front. 

Everyone! The Sniper is the bike you will want to be riding when you’re not getting uplifts to the top of a course. 

The Sniper is all about rolling terrain. It will take you up as quickly as it allows you to go down, and will tackle no matter what you put in front of it. 


XC / 29" / 100mm

Description WHAT IS AN INTENSE PRO BUILD? We've carefully selected and tested each component to provide an exceptional ride experience at an aggressive...